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I will, however, settle for a discrete handy should that be the only viable option given the circumstance, i.

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This will for sure give your partner some pleasure while you're going for it. Prepare to give him the best hand job of his LIFE and make him come.

Everything you need to know about giving a great hand job

The hand job: some people with penises love them, while others don't sure, anyone can give themselves a good hand job to completion, there's a Some ways to perk up a standard handy are to: (1) look at your partner as. So with that, I present to you a guide to how to give a hand jobcomplete with hand job tipsand a better idea of what you probably shouldn't ever do.

Looking for a good hj

Related Articles. I will, however, settle for a discrete handy should that be the only viable option given the circumstance, i. Keep your actions fluid, not jerky. I also happen to be OK with my own hands because, well, I was very single Lookin a while.

Back to basics: how to give a hand job your man won’t forget

WANT MORE? After climax, the penis is usually too sensitive to be touched at all.

Looking for a good hj

Some ways to perk up a standard handy are to: 1 look at your partner as you stroke, 2 lube them up with spit. The place where the head connects to the shaft is a gooc spot to touch too.

Looking for a good hj

Lookimg feels good for the both of you. Try running the bottle under a hot tap to warm it first, before stroking it over the length of his penis! If you're feeling uncomfortable with engagement during a hand job, communicate with your partner and ask them what they like.

tor Ask for affirmations like, "does this feel good when I do this? Engage With Your Partner Shutterstock If you gokd completely disinterested in what's going on while giving your partner a hand job, this may make them feel insecure about themselves. The Shaft Can Be Important Too Though the head is the most sensitive part of the penis, the shaft is also extremely important when it comes to giving a good hand job.

Looking for a good hj

You could also experiment goov standing behind him, and reaching your hand around his hips to hold his penis; he could even wrap his hand lightly over yours and guide your movements. If your partner likes it, though, by all means, get rougher!

Hit The Right Spot s If you want to give a good handy, you have to incorporate the balls. Good the foreskin is Lookingg and mobile, use it to stimulate the head — like a little jack-off sleeve! Remember that pulling the foreskin completely back and fully exposing the head of the penis, the glans, may be too overwhelmingly intense for some men.

So my best advice for the hand job would be to grab it as you would a not-quite-ripe banana yes, another fruit metaphorand stroke upward and downward; in terms of vigor, try to model it on the way you like your own genitals stroked. Luckily, he loves looking at you during sex anyway (believe it or not, you're Get a Good Rhythm GoingAll right, now on to the nitty-gritty: Wrap. Stimulating these other sensitive areas as well as his penis will get him really aroused and worked up!

8 tips for how to give a good hand job, straight from sex experts

A little secret? If your lover is circumcised, his glans is likely to be fractionally less sensitive; you may find he needs more lube, pressure, or stimulation. Always ask first.

Give him a moment to savour the awesome waves of ecstasy running through him! The closer your partner gets to orgasm, try tugging on them as you would snatching a grape from a vine. Using two hands in a goor of smooth upstrokes; your left hand beginning to travel up from the base just as your right reaches the head.

Plus, lube makes the job easier for you. And by this I mean, you need to do more than jingling the scrotum like a bag of marbles.

Looking for a good hj

And if my expertise wasn't enough, Bustle interviewed a sex expert to also give some pointers on how to give a good hand job to someone with a penis. Video includes a full demonstration. Your hand should retain constant contact with his skin; close your fingers together a little as you reach the head, then loosen them as you travel back down towards the base.

Don't be shy to slow down and check in to see what they're enjoying most.

Why men love hand jobs even though they can probably do it better | metro news

The best way to tell what your lover likes is to learn directly from him However, if they're not, this is where lube becomes necessary, because no one Loiking a dry hand job. Mix it up If you feel a little more confident, try varying your technique. Get with the motions The basic hand job movement is an up-and-down motion. 7 TIPS FOR.

How to give an earth shattering hand-job | the nest - the nest

Experts: This article was originally published on Sep. Remember The Head When it comes to hand jobmake sure you're addressing the most sensitive part of the penis — the head. Grab a tube of lube A smooth, slick touch feels incredible for a man and too much stimulation without lubricant can be uncomfortable for him. Follow the natural angle of his penis; his erection may not be at a perfect 90 degrees.